Create Your Wallet!

To use SiPay, you only need to enter the one-time password sent to your phone. You can also enjoy easy shopping by clicking SIGN UP above to create your personal wallet account.

Make Deposit

You can't deposit money until you upgrade your account, but you can spend 750 TL sent to you. You can deposit up to 50,000 TL on verified accounts. You can deposit money 24/7 with your credit card and wire transfer.

Secure Shopping

You can complete your shopping by selecting "Payment by SiPay Wallet” from our member merchants. You can track your expenses from your personal panel.

Money Transfer

Verified SiPay users can send money to other users. It can also be sent to a recipient without an account. If the recipient does not create his / her account within 72 hours, the payment will be returned to the sender's account.

Currency Exchange

You can exchange your currency in your SiPay Wallet account between TRY, USD or EUR. You can withdraw your balance to your defined bank account at no charge.